“I seem to be getting less heat from my pellet stove”

► Have the heat exchangers been cleaned routinely?

► Are the pellets particularly long? (Longer than 1.5″ ?). Long pellets don’t feed as well as short pellets. Inconsistent feed = inconsistent heat. Some types of stoves are more sensitive to long pallets.


 “The flame goes up and down; sometimes the flame dies out”

► Are the pellets particularly long? (same problem as above).


“The stove is burning dirty (sooty, dirty window)”

► Have your stove and chimney been professionally cleaned recently?

►Is your burn grate free from clinkers and ash?

►Is your combustion air turned up high enough? (Remember: if your pellets are burning with a “lazy, orange” flame it indicates insufficient combustion air)


“I’m getting a build-up of crusty ash in the burn gate”

► Are your pellets getting enough combustion air?

►If the problem persists test another brand of pellets.


“I’m getting a lot of sawdust in my pellet bags”

► A bag of pellets should have no more than about a 1/4 cup of sawdust in total. If you are seeing consistently more than this, it may indicate a pellet quality issue.

►If you see large amounts of coarse or clumping sawdust it indicated the bag has absorbed water.


“My furniture is covered with a fine-black residue”

► Never open the stove door while the fans are running.

►Never vacuum the appliance with a household vacuum cleaner.

► Have your stove technician check for improperly sealed venting.