Premium Quality
Locally Sourced and Sustainable Pellet Fuel

Our Quality

Eastern Embers wood pellets consistency and high quality are made possible by the extraordinary wood fibre derived from our local species of spruce. The high sap content of the spruce fibre translates into a higher BTU value and low levels of residual ash.

Softwood pellets generally have a higher BTU value than hardwood pellets. This is due to the presence of higher resin levels. In fact, hardwood pellets incorporating a high percentage of poplar or aspen can have significantly lower BTU values than softwood pellets.

While Hardwood is the fuel of choice in traditional firewood, this is due to the higher density (weight) of the hardwood log. The pelletizing process results in both hardwood and softwood having the same pellet density.

Softwood pellets generally have a lower percentage of ash (by weight) than hardwood pellets.

Softwood pellets generate less harmful airborne particulate emissions than hardwood pellets when burned in appliances.

Quality Control and Assurance

Eastern Embers maintains a thorough in-house Quality Assurance program that tracks the fibre we receive until the pellets are loaded for shipment.

Each bag produced has a date code that allows us to track product. If issues arise, we can cross reference daily quality assurance records straight through to the user’s appliance. We use two independent external laboratories for product verification to ensure that Eastern Embers is a product that consumers can trust and have confidence in.

We are proud that Eastern Embers is generally accepted as the benchmark for quality in markets where it is offered. Eastern Embers meets or exceeds the premium grade standards of the Pellet Fuels Institute.

PEFC Chain of Custody

Shaw Resources PEFC COC Mission Statement:

“Shaw Resources PEFC COC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, Chain of Custody) program exists to support our customers’ requirements for a socially responsible and sustainable, renewable energy source.  It reflects Shaw Resources commitment to providing its employees with a safe environment to work and to ensuring the sustainability of the natural resources used and the protection of the environment of the regions that the Shaw Resources wood pellet plants operate in.”

PEFC Chain of Custody Certificate